November 12, 2021

Dear Owner,

I realize that you are expecting 23,800 USD for the site name, however, would you be willing to accept 1,000 USD for it? I can quickly pay this amount after I receive the site name into my preferred account.

Please let me know if my offer is acceptable.

Louie Heaton
Nevermind thanks 🙏
November 15, 2021

What’s the best you could do for this domain?
November 16, 2021

Could you give me a counter offer?
January 24, 2022

Domain-Letter_SoBold.pdf • ‎2 pages
Just to confirm, you are not willing to comply ?
I will offer you £1,000 for the domain for the final time.
Please read the letter.
Okay Mr Lahoti, I am sorry we couldn’t come to a mutual conclusion. This would of saved a lot of time and effort for the both of us. If you do change your mind please do let me know and we can hopefully come to an arrangement which works for us both.
I don’t understand what this is suppose to mean..?
What does this mean..?
I don’t see why you want the domain anyway, I’ve tried to negotiate with you, asking you for a counter offer with no response and it’s just difficult to know what you want. We’re a small company and need our domain name, is there any arrangement we can come to, please.
David I appreciate this, although I’d much rather chat please. I am happy to chat with you and come to a conclusion but I’ve been advised not to talk to you on the phone.
I’m not able to give them to you as yet. Can we talk about the matter in hand please?
Could you let me know what you requirement for the domain is and what you intend to do with it ?
David, I don’t feel like we are getting anywhere with this. It’s not about who’s in the wrong or the right. I’m just asking for you to let us have our company names domain back.
I’m willing to go up to $2,000, if this works for you?
Mr Lahoti, can I have some indication whether or not this will be acceptable?
Mr Lahoti, I am happy to have a voice phone call with you later if you think this will help the matter.
Is this a threat…?